Mobile app developer and Programmers in new york
Mobile app developer and Programmers in new york
Mobile app developer and Programmers in new york
Mobile app developer and Programmers in new york

We are here because we love innovation.

We are here to make the entrepreneur world accessible for everyone.

We are here to bring innovation to its limits.

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As a leading mobile apps development team, we pride ourselves as being one of the best when it comes to developing mobile applications for multiple mobile platforms. We develop high quality and custom mobile app software development.

SEED STARTUP HOUSE is a software house specializing in developing end-to-end software solutions. We develop custom software applications. We are an outsourcing software company with a unique software team. Our management team is located in Ridgefield, Connecticut and is making sure that all outsourcing software products are delivered on time with the most high quality.

The Seed Startup House is a company that provides comprehensive programming outsource services for startup companies at their onset. Startups that are interested in developing innovative products and programs in outsourcing.

The “House” is managed by a professional who has more than 18 years’ experience in developing ideas for startups. Our team is comprised of leading professionals in the computer software developing fields. The “House” offers quick and professional software programming by programming specialist which offers you the opportunity for a quick entry into your desired market.

We develop mobile applications, client and server side. We develop web applications. We develop programs and servers based on Windows. We develop programs and servers based on Linux. We develop embedded solutions. We develop database layers and know how to work with all the common database servers. We develop cloud based solutions.

We develop social networks for target groups. We develop online stores using ecommerce open sources. We develop Biometric applications and have experience in developing biometric algorithms. We develop healthcare products as well as Bio-Feedback products. We are specialists in video streaming software. We develop customized Algo-Trade algorithms. We provide overall programming services for startup companies at their onset.

We are your house for all R&D efforts.

The meaning of end-to-end for us is that we are in charge on the full life cycle of the program. We are specialists in taking an idea that is in its beginning stage and turning it into a good reliable software product. For such an idea, we start by writing a detailed software requirements document, detailed software specification document, detailed UX and UI, then, GUI design by our in-house designer, software architecture design document and implementation.

With our experience we found that skipping on one of the mentioned steps can be painful later on, therefore we are very strict with all the software lifecycle stages. All these software stages help us to plan and deliver on time with high quality which then leads to high customer satisfaction.

As a team, we have tremendous experience in developing mobile applications for various platforms. Our highly skilled staff develops high quality software. We offer Software Consultants and Freelancers that will develop your next project. Projects running at the Seed Startup House include a local project manager, Scrum Master and fully vetted, experienced and professional team of programmers. All projects are managed in Agile. As a team, we will design a customized mobile app. Including Server Side Development,iOS App Developers Native, Android App Developers Native, MVC,, SWIFT, JAVA and PHP

Mobile app developer and Programmers in new york

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Mobile app developer and Programmers in new york


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