Project Manager


With experience of over 18 years in various capacities in the software industry, we bring lots of guidance and knowledge to everyone who works with us. From embedded to servers and desktops to modern day iPhones; Smart phone applications, we offer the most unique and best practices.




Scrum Master


Having more than 10 years of experience. Manages all the day to day activities of the team, Plans the delivery of the project, prepares release notes, Schedules and facilitates meetings, monitors the performance of project team members, Ensures that release deliverable's are submitted and that quality standards are consistently met, Confers with project personnel to identify and resolve problems, Manages all project documentation, Monitors and tracks all issues, Initiates, reviews and communicates modifications made to the deliverable's.



iOS Developer


Our iOS developer has hands on experience for more than 7 years in technologies like C, C++, Objective C, Swift, Java, Xcode, Json, PHP, HTML , DBMS, CSS, JSP, Linux,iOS, Windows



Android Developer


Having more than 7 years hands on experience in Android, C, C++, Java, DBMS, HTML, CSS, Linux, Windows, SQL, JSP, Main Frames, COBOL, DB2



Server Developer


Server side developer is well versed with different languages and software with 6+ years of experience in PHP, Visual Studio, Photoshop CS6, Godaddy, SQL Manager, C#, MVC, HTML, Java Script, Dream weaver, PHPmyadmin (MySql), CSS, Amazon Web Server, Json, Java, C, C++, MySql, Linux, Drupal, SEO, Debian, Ajax, JSP




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