Development of catalog service project using Swift and .Net technology
Rysen Media Inc - http://www.rysenmedia.com/ Development of a PHP API with MySQL to register unique users.
Work environment MySQL Workbench, Filezilla, Netbeans IDE.

Consultant Services - Development of an ASP.Net using SQL Server to engage between consultants and clients.

Android and iOS (Swift) game application - Development of a game in a native code running on both platforms using a .Net MVC4 server hosted on the Amazon cloud.

2014 - 2016
iOS (Objective-C) and Android (Native Java)
Development of a video conference call Android application based on the SIP protocol using the Linphone open source.

    2012 - 2016

SSH Tel-Aviv University Exhibhition
iOS (Objective-C)
Development of an iOS application running on iPads for demonstrating the art of moving objects.

RanKit: Development of a revolutionary iPhone application for ranking places. Using Facebook API together with the iPhone GPS. The server side was developed in MVC4 and SQL-Server.

I.C.T.V: Development of an automatic Algo Trade algorithm for the stock market. Using C#, DOT NET, WinForms. A multithreading architecture solution with the use of SQL-Sever.

Confidential: Development of a software for a Point Grey - 360 Spherical - Ladybug2 - 360 Video Camera. The goal of the project was to stream live from this camera.

Intel – www.Intel.com Giving technical support regarding the biometric SDK that our CTO developed for IDesia while being the software manger of that startup. www.pcworld.com

Broadcom – www.Broadcom.com Development of an object oriented software for communicating with an embedded camera. Development of a Unit Testing framework based on the NUnit framework.

Greenware - http://www.monitorsanywhere.com/ Development of an innovative system for controlling of extended monitors that are hooked to an embedded zero-client that is connected to the network. The development was done using C# DOT NET, C++ and SQLite.

Ecranim: Development of an embedded Video / Audio streamer running over an Embedded Linux OS and an embedded TI ARM MCU DM365. Paying attention to a very low latency (350 ms).

CRMC – http://www.crmc.co.il/ Development of a Multi-Language infrastructure and embedding it into an ASP cloud solution that is using an MSSQL database Server. CRMC’s solution now supports all the existing languages!

HIO-Phone: Development of a Linux system which simulates a Bluetooth headset. The project goal was to develop an Android docking station. Fluent knowledge in BlueZ and the Bluetooth protocols, HSP and SPP.

NextNine - http://www.nextnine.com/ Giving consultation regarding a C++ COM based server.

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Mobile app developer and Programmers in new york Mobile app developer and Programmers in new york Mobile app developer and Programmers in new york

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