As a company that works mainly with startups, we understand that time to market is a key subject. Nevertheless, we believe that it is not enough since delivering a software product on time that does not has high quality will lead to bad customer satisfaction. Therefore we feel, and know, that to receive customer satisfaction we must deliver on time with high quality, and this is what we do

High Quality
High quality means for us delivering software that passed out QA in a few cycles. The code passes code reviews by team leaders to ensure easy maintenance for the future. All the code committed to our SVN server and a report from our Bug-Tracker has no high level bugs. High quality of software is a key subject for the success of the software that we deliver.

Delivery on Time
Planning, planning and planning. To deliver on time we must plan a head. Before we start to develop we write a software requirement document, software specification document and software design document. These documents help us, later on, to split the software into stages which we call milestones/versions. For each milestone, we have a list of features that are required. We put this list into a gantt to have a better understanding of the timeline. Taking a buffer is always recommended in software planning. We update the gantt on a daily basis to ensure that we are on schedule.

Planning and splitting the tasks to daily and even hourly tasks helps us to be on time with our projects

Customer Satisfaction
We believe that the success of our business is depending on the success of our customers. We make sure to have only satisfied customers by providing professional work with high quality and with delivery on time according to schedule.


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