DOT.NET MVC 4 Framework

Experts in developing MVC-based server side. In particular, we have developed a number of technology-based servers that provide solutions to millions of requests for applications and web sites.

Objective C and iOs

We develop applications for iPhone and iPad. Complex applications with innovative interfaces and views.


We develop applications for Android. Experts in developing appropriate interfaces for different resolutions in different devices.
We are experts in working with Legasi Code written in C + + and bridge construction on NDK and JNI also run the Android operating system.


Web development experts - complex sites with complex interface and approaches to databases through Entity Framework.

Amazon EC2, S3, SES and AWS

We are familiar with Amazon's cloud. Servers we develop are stored in the cloud from Amazon. Also we have developed a number of software AWS interface for storing and sending emails through Amazon's cloud services.

GPS and Maps

We are developing web-based applications and location. The software we developed, a site that shows the locations of vehicles on a map, quilting presentation of nearby places and app display your current location on a map and send it to the server.

Media-Video-Audio and Streamers

We have developed a number of software and applications in video. Among other things, we have developed a card-based streamer Ambdd of TI DM 365, we have developed a system to transmit video from a three-dimensional, in addition, we have developed an application that transmits voice and video SIP protocol

Dot.Net C # (Sharp)

When we develop Dot - Net We mainly develop on C Sharp.
Development Dot - Net normally intended for projects that do not involve development Ambdd and when there is no substantial reason for writing languages ​​"inferior" more like C + + or C.
The goal is always to select the appropriate language in the project, especially on the side of speed to market and ease of maintenance, things Hmozilim the cost of the entire project.


We have experience in developing web-based GWT, and in particular, we have developed a dynamic website featuring real location of cars on a map. Dynamically changing position constantly using JSON protocol server access, for current data.

Embedded PIC24F - MPLAB

For a start - up Leidys (sold long ago Intel Corporation) that change on PIC biometric algorithm written in C. The algorithm runs on the processor PIC (Ambdd) with tens of millions of calculations per second with minimal memory consumption for Mega algorithm.


We have complete control over the Linux operating system, includes our work on Linux full control work with open source as libraries Lblotos, Streamers libraries, libraries conferencing and more.


We are developing a Windows environment, servers, clients and sites.

C + +

Language C + + is a speaker for us. We use this language when you need to write code that can run on multiple operating systems, or when we are required to maintain legacy code.


Writing software in C requires considerable expertise. We know, also around C using object-oriented Bmtodologyit, distribution objects and classes. We even invoke their proliferation configured - Polymorphism on language.
We have extensive knowledge in finding memory leaks and working with tools like BoundsChecker.


Java development language have great experience. Are writing applications Android operating system and development of Web-based server and GWT.


We know the Hmtodology the COM-home perfectly. We know how to develop and Ldbag COM on C + + or - VB. In addition, we have experience working with Dot. Intranet vs COM.


We know the protocol down pat. We developed the Linux operating system, Sarver chat client software over the lotus. Excellent know the various protocols, protocol SPP and more.


We use multitasking as needed software we develop. We have multitasking infrastructure across different platforms, Linux, Windows. We wrote software automated trading on the Stock Exchange in parallel holds about 20 quests.

Object Oriented and Design Patterns

Object-oriented programming is any software we develop. There is strict division into layers, database layer, the server layer and layer of customer (client).
Every layer has a neat API. In addition, each layer is divided into departments matter, there is reuse functionality Objects Items by inheritance and multiple polymorphism (Polymorphism).
W know and use if necessary on Design Patterns, inter alia on: Singleton, Factory and Observer.
All our servers is using the - Entity Framework database approaches.

Social Networks

We develop applications with social networking approaches. particular, we have developed an iPhone app that uses facebook to access a user ID and, in addition, the app up Post-s up and communicates with the user's friends list.

Directshow Filters

We developed Directshow Filter for camera Point Grey. Camera type - Ladybug2.
filter lets see the pools of the video in any software that supports - Directshow, such as Skype, Flash Media Live Encoder, and more.

Unit Testing Frameworks - NUNIT & CPP UNIT

We see great importance in analysis software. To get extensive testing, we perform meticulous tests per module that we develop, so using Unit Tests.
Additionally, we serve as consultants for other software companies, for Htmat Hmtodology and use of open source infrastructure for Unit Tests.

Linphone and SIP Protocol

We know the API of Linphone thoroughly. We have experience in compiler the API on a Linux system to produce from the the API for the Android operating system.
We built a new Android client based on the API of Linphone. familiar with SIP protocol used in the Linphone app.

Automated Trading System Stock Exchange and Sibron

We have developed a project for automatic trading on the exchange. trading software performs very short times Derivatives options. Program uses - API Sibron to perform trading operations.

JSON Protocol

We use JSON protocol for communication between servers - MVC we develop and the mobile apps. infrastructure we have to Parsing the JSON each platform and language: JAVA for Android, C # for Microsoft MVC Server and C + + for Linux.

Biometrics - Fingerprint - ECG

We have extensive experience in developing biometric systems according fingerprint or by ECG we explored the Bio-API to the ground and worked with the SDK-s different fingerprint.
Additionally, we have developed an algorithm to identify individuals according to a. K. . C., as part of our work with a start-up - Leidys, which was sold to Intel Corporation. In this paper we have developed a complete SDK that allows third parties to develop applications over the our biometric SDK.

Log4XX - Log4Net - Log4J

We use Apache's open source software system for writing logs. We see great importance in writing a blog that helps Bftiron many software problems.


Investigated for a long time the subject: Communication lotus above the Linux operating system and developed software that uses the open source BlueZ Bluetooth communication. Among other things, we have developed a chat program, client-server protocol SPP and investigated the Frotorkol voice for the realization of the lotus Headset.

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