SEED STARTUP HOUSE is the House of Innovative Software Solutions, providing end to end Software Solutions. We are an incubator for startups and Entrepreneurs. We also provide Software Consultation for well-established software companies.

What do we do?

The Seed Startup House is a company that provides comprehensive programming services for startup companies at their onset. Startups that are interested in developing innovative products and programs. Our team is comprised of leading professionals in the computer software developing fields.

The “House” offers quick and professional software programming by programming specialist which offers you the opportunity for a quick entry into your desired market.

We are your house for all R&D efforts.

The meaning of end-to-end for us is that we are in charge on the full life cycle of the program. We are specialists in taking an idea that is in its beginning stage and turning it into a good reliable software product. For such an idea, we start by writing a detailed software requirements document, detailed software specification document, detailed UX and UI, then, GUI design by our in-house designer, software architecture design document and implementation.

With our experience we have found that skipping on one of the mentioned steps can be painful later on, therefore we are very strict with all the software lifecycle stages. All these software stages help us to plan and deliver on time with high quality which then leads to high customer satisfaction.

Among the mobile applications we develop, we specialized in developing iOS applications for iPhones and iPads, as well as Android applications for Android phones and tablets. The mobile applications are integrated with Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+ social networks. We develop mobile applications that are based on GPS and display navigation maps.

Among the web applications we develop, we are specialized in the most common web development languages. We develop using the MVC pattern. We develop web APIs and Web Services. We develop in ASP.NET, PHP, Java Script, GWT and HTML5. Among the programs we develop for Windows, we develop services and programs working with databases and servers. We develop in C#, C++ and Java. We specialized in performing maintenance for legacy code, adding features and renewal of the code.

When integrating with relational databases we always develop a software layer that is in charge of abstracting the integration with the database. We know how to work with all the common database servers. MS SQL, Oracle, My SQL and others, we love to work with SQLite if a client side database is needed.

We have experience in developing embedded solutions for smart cards using a PIC MCU. We also have experience in developing video solutions using TI (Texas Instruments) MCU SDK and products.

We understand the power of the cloud and large amount of the software products that we develop are based on cloud based servers. We like to work with Amazon but are also familiar with Azure and Google Cloud. We understand the power of the cloud in scaling servers and this is why we always choose the cloud as the default choice for startups that are at their onset stage.

We understand the need of specific groups to have their own social networks and we know how to develop such networks. The social networks that we develop are based on an already implemented infrastructure of social networks that we developed in the past. The social networks have different interfaces for mobile and web and as well as a back-end interface for the network manager.

We understand the need of online stores to come online fast with minimal effort, minimal budget and high quality. We know how to develop online stores from scratch or by customizing a common commerce open source like Magento (http://magento.com/).

We know how to develop Biometric applications based on the common SDKs for Finger-Print and others. We have experience in developing Biometric algorithms and wrap them in a special customized event drivenAPI. In the field of Healthcare we develop programs and mobile applications for helping people to keep their health and to automatically report the computer health diagnostic of a person to his doctor.

Our Bio-Feedback products help people to keep their own health and shape by practicing on a daily basis and get diagnostic about their health. The person’s training is kept together with its diagnostic to help him to customize his next training according to the history of his trainings.

With video streaming we have experience in a few interesting projects. We are familiar with all the video and audio encoders and are experienced with the different streaming technics and protocols. We know how to develop Algo-Trade algorithms. We make sure the algorithm is written in such a manner that it takes minimum time to perform buying/selling/updating/deleting transactions. Our programs are written in multithreaded to perform maximum performance.


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